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Shop the best zippered anti Bed Bug Terry Pillow Protector online from AAF Textiles. Our pillow protectors are specifically intended to protect you and your loved ones from dust mites, bed bugs, bacteria, and common home allergens. No latex, no vinyl or membrane lining, no phylates, no harsh chemicals added!

2 Pack Terry Pillow Protector

➜ 24/7 Protection Against Allergens: Bed Bugs, Dust Mites, Bacteria
➜ Kills Bed Bugs in Already Infested Pillows
➜ Helps Ease Respiratory Illnesses, Itchiness, Asthma
➜Laboratory Tested – Passed – Certified
➜ Super Strong Zipper
➜ Resists Stains, Pet Dander, Fluids, Sweat
➜ Soft, Breathable, Noiseless, Quick Drying Material Composition
➜ Replacement Warranty

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24/7 Anti Bed Bug Waterproof Terry Cotton Pillow Protector by AAF Textiles

Pillows are particularly prone to bug and bacterium infestation. These microscopic allergens – undetectable to the human eye- thrive in your pillow and feed on your blood every time you lie on your bed. Itchy eyes, runny nose, asthma, and morning sneezing are all common symptoms associated with such bug stings. Using AAF Textile’s Bed Bug Pillow Protector Zippered Terry will solve the problem. Our particular line of antimicrobial, bug-repellent pillow covers protects your mattresses from anything that may damage the pillow and your health.

➤  24/7 Protection Against Bed Bugs

The Bed Bug Terry Pillow Protector Zippered is a long-lasting and inexpensive option to keep your pillow safe from bed bugs. The superior polyester, cotton, and TPU fabric blend are both comfortable and silent, and it also serves as a waterproof barrier to protect your headrest from spills, bodily fluids, and wear and tear. Our pillow cover is effective for patients with respiratory illnesses as it serves as a barrier against dust and is made of a bug-resistant texture, thus enabling its use for various types of bedding.

Furthermore, if an unexpected spill or stain occurs, cleanup is simple. The Bed Bug Pillow Protector Zippered Encasement can be wiped clean and dried with a paper towel or cloth for quick cleanups. Alternatively, toss it in the washer and tumble dry it on low heat!

➤  SuperSeal Technology

Our protective coverings are available in a number of sizes and have a thicker structure for increased durability and resistance to rips, tears, and pest infestation. Even with tossing and turning during sleep, bed sheet changing, and kids jumping – the cover’s strong, elasticized edges ensure that it stays firm against the pillow. It’s fully zipped and has Bed Bug Block, which keeps allergens from escaping or getting inside the cover.

➤  Breathable & Waterproof

This pillow cover is constructed of exceptionally soft Tery cotton and features a sturdy seam structure.The material is fully breathable, does not hold heat, and is pleasant to sleep on.

➤  6-Months Replacement Warranty

The materials we use are technologically advanced, and the knowledge of sleep medicine goes into making sleep-inducing merchandise. Even those with no traditional allergies may suffer from mild allergies caused by dust, mites, pet dander, and bugs. Use this water-resistant, pest-resistant, and dust mite-proof pillow encasement to keep all hazards at bay while you sleep.

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Bed Bug Terry Pillow Protector Zippered

Material Composition:

Terry Cotton



Care Instructions:

Machine Washable, Not Suitable For Ironing

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