Super King EXTRA DEEP Pure Cotton Mattress Protector


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Buy Super King EXTRA DEEP Pure Cotton Mattress Protector from AAF Textiles. Our Extra Deep Mattress Protector is designed to suit mattresses up to 16 inches deep. The quilting in the fabric ensures that there is extra protection and top-notch comfort.

➜ 24/7 Protection Against Allergens: Bed Bugs, Dust Mites, Bacteria
➜ Kills Bed Bugs in Already Infested Mattresses
➜ Soft, Breathable, Noiseless Fabric
➜ Helps Ease Respiratory Illnesses, Itchiness, Asthma
➜Laboratory Tested – Passed – Certified
➜ Resists Stains, Pet Dander, Fluids, Sweat
➜ Soft, Breathable, Noiseless, Quick Drying Material Composition

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598 in stock

Super King EXTRA DEEP Pure Cotton Mattress Protector by AAF Textiles 🛏️

This pure cotton mattress protector is unbelievably soft and cozy, providing an extra luxurious layer to relax into. It adds an extra layer of protection to your mattress, preventing discoloration and normal wear and tear, and is readily machine washable for a more comfortable and sanitary sleep environment while extending the life of your mattress.

➤  Extra Deep Design

Our Extra Deep Quilted Mattress Protector is intended to fit mattresses up to 16 inches thick – a size for which many consumers have difficulty finding appropriate bedding. This also implies that it will fit over your newly purchased mattress topper.

➤  5-Star Room Comfort

Our extra deep mattress protector, made from sustainable comfortable cotton, adds another layer of pleasure to your bed while also refreshing the look of your home.

➤  Hypoallergenic Composition

If you’re seeking a mattress cover that won’t make any unwanted stains or spills on your mattress, then our protector is a perfect choice. Our mattress protector is filled with an allergen-free material, and the striped soft-touch fabric delivers unmatched comfort.

➤  Snug Fitting

A stretching skirt design ensures that the extra deep mattress shield stays firm all night long.

➤  Machine Washable

Easily maintainable with only a short machine wash, our mattress protector makes cleaning your bed hassle-free.

➤  Mattress Protection At Its Finest

We used quilting to our mattress protectors to help provide extra protection while also making them more comfortable. Not only does this product provide a more aesthetically appealing bed and a more restful sleep by keeping the bed linen feeling fresh and new for longer, but it also protects the mattress from major damage and protects against bed bugs, mites, dander, sweat, fluids, and germs.

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AAF Textiles


Extra Deep Waterproof Anti-Bug Mattress Protector

Material Composition:

Terry Cotton, Polyester Microfiber, Thermal Polyurethane


Super King: 72×80 – 9 Inches



Care Instructions:

Machine Washable, Tumble Dry Medium, Do Not Bleach, Do Not Iron

Return Policy:

The mattress protectors that we make are of the greatest quality, and they do not include any dangerous colours or chemicals. But you are welcome to contact our 24/7 support team anytime for a resolution. Returns are acceptable under certain circumstances.

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