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  • Prevent bugs, dust mites, and allergens
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Easy to Clean
  • Breathable Fabric
  • Can be used for Years
  • Washable
  • Strong Zipper




A mattress is huge and expensive, why not? On average, every night, a  US individual spends 8- hours in a bed, more than one-third of our life on a mattress.

That doesn’t change the fact that it’s not particularly fun to spend thousands of dollars on an essential product in the home. Mattress covers are vital elements for any person, mainly the bed bug mattress covers.

The Bed bug Mattress UK cover encloses all six sides of the mattress to cleanse the fabric of bed bugs. It’s waterproof and safe, as nothing will get in or leave the bed bug mattress that means allergens, bed bugs, and bacteria have vanished from the space.

Reasons for Using Bed Bugs Mattress Covers

  • Encased Luxurious Mattress

wraps on the six sides of the mattress to prevent bugs, dust mites, and allergens. Bed bugs are alarmingly infesting houses; thus, encasing mattresses are a great safety measure. Our mattress enclosure helps prevent further respiratory problems by deterring allergens and bacteria; stopping them from penetrating you during rest.

  • 100% Bugs Protection

Reduces the Allergic Symptoms – You’re napping well because you’re not exposed to bed bugs, allergens, mites, and germs – no more itchiness and sniffing because you’re not exposed to glitches.

  • Breathable Fabric

With our protective premium bed Bug proof mattress cover, you can sleep on our thin and breathable mattress cover cool for a pleasant night’s sleep. The feel of your mattress or beds will not be changed


Color Available: White

Size Available:

  1. Single 36×75 – 9 inches
  2. Double 54×75 – 9 inches
  3. King 60×80 – 9 inches
  4. Small Double 48×75 – 9 inches
  5. Three Quarter 48×75 – 9 inches
  6. Bed Bunk Small Single 30×75 – 9 inches
  7. Super King 72×80 – 9 inches


One of the main things you need to get close to your sleeping coil is a mattress or a protector. It is vital to buy the right mattress cover for your bed, and it is necessary to promote a good night’s sleep and optimize the life of a mattress. Nevertheless, many people undermine mattress cover’s value. Not exclusively a mattress cover only renders stylish functionality; however, it is also useful in other ways.

Keep Yourself Protected

The mattress cover is used as a tailored sheet to cover your mattress, which guarantees your investment by covering the mattress from wear and tear. By protecting the following, the life of a mattress will be substantially increased:

Bed Bugs: Bed bugs are infectious creatures that are prey to human blood. They made their living on all kinds of materials, but they’re mainly common because they hide in mattresses and prey on people while they’re sleeping. Bed bug pestilence can be very costly and typically ruin the pest-ridden mattress.

Dust Mites: Dust Mites are small, shrill crawlies that feed on the dead skin in a mattress. The dust mites are known to cause multiple allergies. The reality that live vermin, dead bugs, and dust bugs waste accumulated in mattresses over the years is alarming due to the awful likelihood that this might not be bad enough.

Sweat and Moisture: A spill or a fall could destroy the mattress, but many believe they will not face such issues. The fact is that the sleepers themselves are the cause of Moisture. Most suffered the agony of waking in the night sweaty. This illness, known as sweat at night, is much more prevalent than usual. Gradually, the mattress may retain excess Moisture and irreversible damage to the mattress because its also 100% waterproof mattress cover .

Bedwetting: bedwetting is a health condition widely referred to as night enuresis, particularly in children under seven. Adults due to age or existing medical disorders may also wet the bed for urinary incontinence. Besides physical discomfort, bedwetting permanently stains the mattress and creates persistent smells.

Pills & Crumbs: While eating tons of food in bed, crumbs will undoubtedly come into your bed. Not only are you dirtying your mattresses, but you’re inviting crawlers to have a meal with the street food you left behind. The cockroaches, bees, and ants will finally find their way to your home. This leftover food or drink can be a suitable breeding ground for fungi and bacteria.


Mattress covers are primarily manufactured from conventional bedding fabrics such as cotton, polyester, and base material, including vinyl and polyurethane waterproofing materials. Some consist of just one material, and others are stacked on top and bottom. Typically the top layer is made of cotton and polyester yarn, and the bottom layer is a waterproof vinyl-isolating film.

The mattress cover is available in several different versions. Before making a purchase, it is crucial to know what precisely each mattress cover would offer.

The best mattress cover relies on various factors, such as mattress type and sleep style. The standard and widely used mattress protector is the bed bug mattress cover.


There are different sizes and types of beg bug mattress covers. Many defend against a broad spectrum of threats, while others are intended to protect against a particular kind of harm, for instance, Moisture. The flexibility of the mattress cover affects its cost. There are three simple types of bed bug mattress covers available.

Zippered: this cover style is tightly zipped over the entire mattress and seals. A zippered mattress cover is suitable for someone who wants total protection and who changes their cover occasionally.

Fitted: These fitted mattress covers look like tailored sheets. Their stitched ends with elastic margins are quickly hooked into the mattress corners. These safety covers are less expensive and water-resistant, but not with zippers.

Strapped: The elastic braces are placed on the strapped cover along with the corners of the mattress. A strapped mattress cover is safer than a fitted cover, but many do not entirely block the mattress’s sides.


It’s smart to purchase a mattress protector, but sleepers should be mindful of any inconvenience.


1) Protection: The mattress cover safeguards the mattress from liquids, dust, bugs, and allergens. Also, it keeps the mattress safe so that you can claim the warranty.

2) Inexpensive: Less expensive than mattress pads and toppers. Most good mattress covers are priced between 10 to 20 pounds at max.

3) Easy to Clean: Many mattress covers are easy to clean. You can slip and bring in the laundry machine to wash and dry at a little temperature.

4) Lightweight: Compared to a few pads and toppers, mattress covers or protectors are light, easy to mount and uninstall on a mattress.


1) Expensive: Some people find mattress covers a little bit expensive.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1.   Does the bed bug mattress cover work well?

It works, yes. If you have the perfect enclosure and if it is assembled correctly. When the mattress and box spring are covered and fully shut with a well-made enclosure to trap bugs, bugs can’t feed and inevitably die of hunger.

  1.   What’s the perfect bed bug mattress cover?

Experts claim that bed bug mattress covers provided by the Brand Aaf Textiles in the whole UK is perfect to buy.

  1.   Is the bug bed mattress cover washable?

Yes, The cover may be washed with hot or cold water without chlorine and then clean and dry all in a lower setting such as 150 to 160 degrees only. Add some towels to provide support to the mattress cover only as it bounces in the dryer.

  1.   For how long a bed bug mattress cover can be used?  

5 Year or more , Carefully cover every mattress, pillows, towels, and non washable wrapper if you have bed bugs. This will render the entrance of new bugs and exit of outdated bugs. Covers can be used for years.

  1.   How many times can a mattress cover be washed?

Every 2 months, A mattress protector can help prolong the life of sleep and mattress. Every two months, you can wash a mattress cover. And you can also need to wash it more regularly if you have spills or tolerate animals on the bunk.




Single 36×75 – 9 inches, Double 54×75 – 9 inches, King 60×80 – 9 inches, Small Double 48×75 – 9 inches, Three Quarter 48×75 – 9 inches, Bed Bunk Small Single 30×75 – 9 inches, Super King 72×80 – 9 inches

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  1. Jack Albushi

    awesome product

    Jack Albushi

  2. Scott

    We purchased a new Sleep to Live mattress with a fairly deep profile, and this covering fit perfectly. I washed it first on delicate and dried it on low without any problems.


  3. Julie C Hauk

    Awesome! Better than I imagined! Nicely zips, Velcro goes over the zipper, perfect fit!
    Breathable.. soft! Easy to put on!
    Will be buying this same product again for our bed!
    Never worry about Bed Bugs.. Dust Mites again!

    Julie C Hauk

  4. Adam



  5. Alica gotti

    useful product

    Alica gotti